About Me

​I am a developer committed to making things that serve and delight. I was originally drawn to programming as a creative outlet, but got hooked on solving hard problems.

I work in the full development stack, from configuring servers, building server-side applications, to developing robust applications. Rather than work in a single language or platform, I try to use the right tool for the job.

As a full-stack developer, I have the breadth of experience to see how a whole project fits together. As a technical lead, I have developed software architecture plans and managed a small development team to execute them.

Technical Capabilities

Full-Stack Web Development – I have designed and developed server-side security minded applications for running restful APIs, processing audio and video, and other custom application logic. On the backend I work primarily with Python and PHP. My preferred backend framework is Django, but I have on occasion dabbled with Flask, Wordpress and Expression Engine. On the front end I have designed highly interactive kiosks with JavaScript on one end of the spectrum, and light and zippy JavaScript enhanced websites on the other. I've worked with JavaScript in many of its forms: plain old vanilla JavaScript, modular jQuery plugins, frameworks like Angular, and build tools like Webpack. While these technologies are constantly evolving, I try to follow a healthy diet of Accessibility by default, Minification and Compression everywhere, Progressive Enhancement, and Semantic HTML. Take a look at my latest, greatest, full-stack development work.

Technical Management – I have worked with clients in discovery to understand their organizational goals and existing infrastructure to determine the best technical solution for their needs. Working from these requirements I have developed software architecture plans individually and with a team that prioritize security (including everyone's favorite PCI DSS and COPPA), speed, reliability and long term maintenance. I have worked with development teams internally and externally to plan, schedule and execute projects using Agile methodologies.

Optimization for Web & SEO – I have done signiticant work with optimizing load times on websites. This includes optimizing server-side code structure; using tools like Varnish on the server side; optimizing HTML, JavaScript, and CSS on the front end; and testing with tools like Google's PageSpeed Insights and WebPageTest. Don't take my word for it, check out my scores on PageSpeed Insights and WebPageTest.

I have worked with clients to evaluate and implement SEO best practices following Google's SEO recommendations. With a foundation of progressive enhancement, semantic HTML, and accessibility, achieving a technically optimized site is quite easy – creating good content, now there's a challenge! Take a look at an SEO-optimized website I recently completed.

Debugging & Testing – I have built many robust applications for museums and e-learning websites using JavaScript and ActionScript. Unlike typical web sites, kiosks and applications have to run bug free in perpetuity. With this type of application development I have honed my skills in debugging, long-term memory management, and developed a passion for automated testing. Checkout my open source automated testing library, Sitetest.

Prototyping – For unique and complex applications, I have found that iteration and prototyping is an important part of the design process. I have worked closely with UX designers to create rapid prototypes, motion studies, and interactive wireframes to find problems and clarify ideas early. See various motion studies I've prototyped for past projects.

Work Experience & Education


Lead Developer, May 2017 - present

As a lead developer at Upswell, I help make exceptional interactive experiences.

At Upswell I work primarily in Django/Python, Angular, SaltStack and Ubuntu.

C&G Partners

Lead Developer, March 2013 - May 2017

While working as a full stack developer at C&G Partners, I helped plan and build websites, custom web applications, and exhibit kiosks for cultural clients.

While at C&G I worked primarily in Django/Python, HTML/JavaScript/CSS, SaltStack and Ubuntu.

Kognito Interactive

Developer, February 2011 - March 2013

Working at Kognito Interactive (a studio leading Health Games for Change in New York), I helped program a series of suicide prevention and mental health courses as well as helped build the company's educational software platform and internal tools.

While at Kognito I worked primarily ActionScript, PHP and HTML/JavaScript/CSS.

Domani Studios

Developer, July 2010 - February 2011

At Domani Studios I worked on a series of white label projects building flashy little websites for big companies; primarily in ActionScript.

Second Story Interactive

Junior Developer, June 2008 - June 2010

While at Second Story, I worked closely with designers and producers to create robust, interactive applications for websites and physical museum installations and assisted in the design phase with rapid prototyping and motion studies. I worked primarily in ActionScript and dipped my toe into Java.

University of Oregon

BFA in Digital Art with Computer Science coursework, 2009

Areas of Interest

Open Source

I am a frequent user of and contributor to open source software. I particularly enjoy writing CMS enhancements for Django.

Math & Motion

Working with animators and designers, I have come to love using math to make interactive, dynamic visualizations.

Real Life

When I'm away from screens, you might find me stirring up trouble with my husband Mike and my dog Lola.

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