Things I've been making, fixing, modding, breaking.

Home Made Basketball Sweaters


Basketball season is upon us! To show our spirit, Mike and I made this home made LA Clippers sweater for Johannes and Portland Blazers hoodie from old skirts we found at the Goodwill.

Light Up Jacket


light up jacket gif

For when you really want to be seen day and at night. Since I started biking to work I've been very pre-occupied with safety, and in particular visibility at night. I found this amazing jacket at the Goodwill and filled the lining with a battery-powered LED strand and a reflective strip.

Leather Dying Shoes


I've had this pair of blue Ecco shoes now for a few years, but was never crazy about the tepid blue color. I gave Fiebring's leather dye another try - this time in black - and am psyched about how striking they look now with the help of these puncky laces and patented Double Helix lacing strategy.

Yaass Queen


Past Lives


This fabric has followed us to four addresses, each time getting a little smaller.

Brainstorming with Grandma Joan


Grandma Joan helping me brainstorm rain coat and lighting patterns.

Joy of Reupholstering Chairs


On the difficuly spectrum of home improvement projects, reupholstering dining chairs is on the right side. Most craft projects are more expensive, time consuming and technically challenging than you could have ever known when you started them, but not reupholstering dining chairs. If you're looking for a confidence boost, this is the craft project to choose.

Love Trumps Hate


Leather Lacing and Dyeing


I loved this vintage tooled leather clutch, but the vinyl lacing and light color made it feel more like a kitschy craft project than an authentic antique. (And to be fair, I think it is a Tandy kit project from days past.) I used Fiebring's leather dye and Tandy Calf Lace to darken and re-laced the clutch. I've never done any leather work before, but Tandy has this really sweet video showing how to execute the Double Loop Lace.

Watercolor Quilt


Mike and I made this watercolor quilt for grandma Joan, our DIY co-conspirator. She has a real DIY brain because her response to our quilt was to make her own, bigger and better quilt. DIYers: "Anything you can make, I can make better."

1950s Wedding Dress


Here's a funny story. When I first got my tattoo at the fledgling age of 18, a lady was appalled and asked about the hypothetical possibility of being invited to a fancy gala. "What if you can't find a dress that will hide your tattoo?" It's a decade late, but I finally got an answer for you, lady: You make your own gala and you make your own dress biytch... Inspired by 1950s shapes, I comissioned this custom wedding dress from Antoinette of Ridgewood.



We live down the street in Greenpoint from Ruffeo Hearts Lil Snotty and I was super inspired by their line of fundies. Ladies undies are extremely easy to make, though fellas undies are a little more complicated.

Wine Box Dog Bed


The day Lola joined our family, we didn't really have anything prepared, so we improvised with a wood wine box and some old clothes.

Small Herd of Elephants


Every newborn needs a small herd of stuffed elephants.

Bowling Alley Table


Swearing Sewing Machine


I discovered that my sewing machine can write. And it can write anything I want it to.

Christmas Stockings


This is a really embarrassing #marthastewartmoment

Giant Zipper


One of my favorite activities is finding things at Goodwill and making them better, but sometimes I just make them weirder, like with this giant zipper.

Home Depot Purse


One time I turned a home depot bag and an Andy & Bax bag into a purse.

Roll-Up Mattress


I once had this idea that it would be great to make a mattress that could roll up into a box in the morning. While this was, in fact, possible, it was not, in fact, comfortable.

LED Pixel Lamp


This pixel lamp was made from 35 individual three-way toggle switches switches allowing the user to control a 3x7 grid of RGB lights.