Big Red Riding Gown

I have searched far and wide for the perfect women's winter coat for cycling in the pacific northwest. The key features I wanted were a) a long enough length that it would fully cover my knees and I wouldn't need to wear rain pants (the indignity of pants over pants!), b) retain enough leg mobility to comfortably cycle in, c) and look normal enough to wear off a bicycle. I couldn't find anything that fit the bill, so I had to make this one myself! This is a second take on my red riding poncho, this time more equipped for a full winter cycle. The key modifications:

  • I extended the coat length several inches so that the coat reaches all the way over my knees when on the bike, which provides enough rain coverage for a typical light winter rain in the pacific northwest.
  • I sewed calf covers into the front lining that are secured with velcro. For particularly heavy or windy rains, I can fold these down to gain complete coverage over my legs.
  • In the coat back I inserted a large fold of fabric to expand the skirt circumference, and an elastic cinch for adjusting the waist as needed. This provides extra room for complete mobility and coverage when on the bike, and cinches up for a cleaner cut when off the bike.
2019 05 08 Red Riding Gown Detail