Waterproofing with Otter Wax

2018 01 07 Wax Jeans Animated

In my ongoing quest to avoid rain pants, I gave waxing a try. I used three layers of Otter Wax, ironing them in-between each layer. When the wax is first applied it looks light and cakey, but once ironed it disappeared into the fabric.

otter waxed jeans

I find that with the wax my jeans have a heavier, more structured feel and are fairly resistant to a light dusting of water.

In a heavy rain I found that they absorbed some water, but dried out pretty quickly (within an hour) once I got to work. Normally my jeans would have been soaked for most of the day. Given that most "rainy" days in the Pacific Northwest are pretty light, I would say this is a good alternative to rain paints.