Django List Wrestler

Django Plugin

Django List Wrestler

This plugin makes Django admin lists easier to sort and collapse.

This plugin turns an ordinary order field into a high-powered sorting and collapsing tool including:

Add sorting functionality to both change list views and inline list views, including:

  • Drag-and-Drop re-ordering
  • Jump to Top and Jump to Bottom buttons
  • Jump one up and Jump one bottom
  • Send directly to a position in the list
  • Sort by a custom field

For inline lists:

  • Adjust table headers so they line up with the actual columns
  • Make table headers sortable, so you can sort by a particular field (supports sorting by text inputs, text areas, check boxes, image uploads, and fks)
  • Positioning order buttons anywhere in the table

For change lists:

  • Add collapsing functionality to a changelist view to mimic the functionality of a tree folder structure.