Site Analyzer


Sitecomber is tool crawls an entire domain (or set of domains) to create a living snapshot of a website. A worker script is constantly crawling and re-crawing to provide the most up-to-date snapshot.

With this snapshot you are able to see problems that may arise from content entry or underlying code problems. For example, you can use this tool to identify problems like broken links, spelling errors, slow load times, or SEO issues.

A whole suite of tests are available out of the box, but you can also write your own custom tests to fit your own needs. Some examples: You could use natural language processing to make sure your language doesn't exceed a certain reading level. Or you could hook into the Google Analytics API to correlate search performance to load times. Or you could use Selenium to generate snapshots at different window sizes... really anything you can code.

This project was build during the NYTimes Summer 2019 Maker Week.